After working in my yard one beautiful summer day, I rolled my 96-gallon trash can out to the street for waste management to empty the following morning.

Minutes later, I jumped into my truck to run to a store in Elkhart with my wife. I threw my truck into reverse, backed down my driveway, and sideswiped my trash can.

Frustrated, annoyed, upset, embarrassed – I couldn’t believe I hit it! Especially after just setting it out!

I put the trash can there. I backed into it. I had no one else to blame… it was my fault.

I felt like an idiot.

The damage was done to my truck – and to my pride.

And wow was it DAMAGE.

I pictured the judgmental eye I would get from passersby. I had to get the dents repaired as fast as possible.

Perhaps this situation feels all too familiar. Perhaps you’ve needed a dent repaired.

I hear your stories.

You’re not alone.

No one likes to make a mistake. But hey, we all know the old saying “accidents happen,” right?

They do, and that’s why Midwest Dent Repair is here to help. We can repair your dents.

At Midwest Dent Repair we’re human – just like everyone else. Yes, we have our “trash can” stories too. 

If you have a “trash can” dent, or any dent at all, let us help you. We’ll make that “trash can” dent disappear. But, perhaps more importantly than repairing your dent, we will renew your pride in yourself and in your vehicle!

Check us out in Elkhart. We can’t wait to help you get back to new!

Click here to find out how we can help you repair your dent. Feel good about driving your car again!



3 things you should know about hail damage

3 things you should know about hail damage

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