Anyone who has ever been in a collision or made any sort of accidental indention in their vehicle knows how much of a hassle it can be to get your car fixed. Between making appointments, coordinating rides, possibly having to get a rental car while your vehicle is in the shop for at least a day if not a week, not to mention the cost involved, it can be a very stressful experience.

Thankfully, some repair shops have made an extremely convenient option for simple dent repair! Mobile dent repair means that the company will come to you, which already makes the experience less complicated.

Mobile dent repair offers quite a few benefits:


Since the company comes to your location for fixes, gone are the days of rearranging your schedule around dropping off a car and doing without it for a while. The job is usually finished within just a few hours, which is much easier than leaving your car at another location for a day, if not more.


Paintless dent repair offers significant savings since the original paint will stay intact. The goal with paintless dent repair is to push the metal back into its original shape, but also preserve the factory paint job. Prices start to rise significantly when adding body filler, sanding, paint matching, and repainting.

Even if minor painting is required, a mobile repair will focus on fixing only where the injury is, not painting an entire panel on your car, as body shops usually do. Paint matching can be done on-site and your result will still retain much of the value of your car since only a small part is touched up.

With mobile dent repair, you may also be able to avoid an insurance claim, which will keep your record clean plus you’ll avoid any rate increases.

Value Retention

If little to no painting is required, then you actually retain value on your vehicle which will be beneficial when you decide to sell. Cars with original paint jobs are usually worth more when they sell.


Keeping things simple is a load off everyone’s minds. Once you make the call and decide to use mobile dent repair, you won’t have to arrange for rides or rentals. They will come to you for an estimate and the actual repair, so your day won’t be disrupted, but your car will look phenomenal once again. 


When you use mobile dent repair, time is saved since there is no need to drive to a repair shop and leave your car there for the day or longer. Most repairs can be completed in 3 hours or less, which means you won’t have to go without your car for very long.


A lot of people are apprehensive about using a mobile repair service because they fear the quality will be subpar. With the right company, this is not the case. You should expect excellent customer service and a high-quality repair that will make your car look new again.


Last, but not least, is the warranty. You should always inquire about the warranty before selecting a company for your mobile dent repair. Many reputable companies offer a free lifetime warranty on their workmanship in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on parts. This is an excellent way to have peace of mind that your car is in good hands.

Mobile dent repair is a great option for anyone who needs their car fixed but doesn’t have the time or convenience to do so. With the added benefits of savings, quality work, and a warranty, it’s hard to beat!

Are you looking for a company to complete mobile dent repair for you? We offer mobile service as well as service at our retail location. Contact Midwest Dent Repair today!

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