4 questions you should ask before having Paintless Dent Repair done on your vehicle.
1. Is the company I am considering an established company with a good reputation?
Paintless Dent Repair (or PDR), simply put, is an art. That said, it is wise to consider who you have repair a dent in your vehicle. One miss-step and you can go from having a dent that could have been repaired to near perfect quality and instead have damaged paint or damaged metal. This results in an expensive and unnecessary body shop bill. Always use an established PDR company with a reputation for doing high quality repairs. The company you are considering should be able to provide you with multiple references, quality before and after photos or videos, and should be able to point you to independent reviews and ratings.
2. Is Paintless Dent Repair the right repair for my vehicle?
This question may be difficult for a consumer to answer on their own. Knowing whether to have an invasive body shop repair done or having PDR done is a question that a good PDR professional can help you answer. But here are a few tips that you can use to determine if PDR is right for you.
1. Perform a quick visual inspection to see if there is any damage to the painted surface of the panel. If there is no paint damage your dent is likely a good candidate for PDR.
2. If there is paint damage in the area of your dent, PDR may still be the best option for you if the paint flaw is minor. It may be able to be buffed out or could be sealed with good quality touch-up after the PDR work is completed.
3. Consult a trained professional PDR technician to help you determine what is right for your situation.
3. Will my insurance work for Paintless Dent Repair?
The short answer is yes! That said here are a couple things to know. PDR is not only a recognized repair method by all the major insurance providers, it is also at times the required repair method. Insurance companies have long recognized the value of PDR. PDR provides a non invasive repair that does not diminish, but retains the value of your vehicle. The same cannot be said of invasive conventional body shop repairs.
4. How much does Paintless Dent Repair cost.
This, of course, is the most common question asked of PDR companies. So here are a few tips to use when determining what a repair will cost you.
1. You get what you pay for. Now, this doesn’t guarantee that the cheapest price is the worst “repair” and that the most expensive price is the best repair. But it is wise not to immediately jump at a cheap price without first doing some research on what your getting in return for what you’re paying. The end game as a consumer is Value. 
2. Costs will vary dramatically depending on a wide variety of factors, e.g. – how many dents, how big or small they are, what type of metal your vehicle has, what repair methods will be used to remove your dents, what components may need to be removed and reinstalled to provide access, how accessible a dent even is, etc. One of the determining factors of knowing whether or not you are being quoted a fair price is to ask the technician quoting your repair how he has determined the cost. A true professional will be able to walk you through the process of how the cost has been determined and why the cost given is accurate and how he will perform the repair. If you detect he cannot professionally answer your questions you may be in the wrong hands. 
At Midwest Dent Repair, Inc we strive to provide the highest quality repairs at the best prices resulting in the best value being brought to you, the customer. Please contact us if you have found this article to be helpful and let us know how we can be of service to you.
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